Thursday, February 17, 2011


My fifth Starbucks sits about 6,750 ft above sea level in Big Bear, CA. We spent last weekend at Crestline, CA with some friends. My daughter needed a nap and I figured the hum of the car would lull her to sleep. Sure enough, it worked. So we drove to Big Bear and she napped the whole way.

The Starbucks is wedged between a pizza place and a liquor store. One stop shopping, really, for a weekend in the mountains. The place was pretty crowded with tourists (my daughter and I being two of them). Very slow service. But it was the weekend. It's probably better service during the week when it's not so crowded.

It's a great place to grab a drink and then walk 2 blocks to the lake or stroll through town.

Village and Paine
40568 Village Drive
Big Bear Lake, CA 92315 US

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  1. It is definitely fun to see Starbucks all over the country. I wish you would keep up your blog! I didn't even know that there was a Starbucks in Big Bear. Very subdued store front. Please keep writing!