Wednesday, January 26, 2011


A journey begins with a single step and in my case, a single Starbucks. In my quest to visit every Starbucks known to mankind, I begin in Guangzhou, China, at the Starbucks at 101-102 Peace World Plaza, Jian She Liu Ma Lu, opposite the Garden Hotel.

My wife and I were in China to adopt our daughter and this is the first Starbucks we went to as a family. Traditions have to start somewhere, right? It's a spanky 2-floor store with yummy pastries and is the gateway to the Bridge of Lepers, a pedestrian bridge filled with beggars right out of a horror film.

The 2-block area is great. There are some great little restaurants, a Pizza Hut (if you must), a clothing store where I got an Armani knockoff for $50 and a massage place that charges $10 for an hour massage.

This is one of my favorite Starbucks so I'll rate it: Trenta.

101-102 Peace World Plaza, Jian She Liu Ma Lu, GUANGZHOU
Phone: +86 20 8375 2196

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